Operation Medicine Cabinet

photo 3At meeting several weeks ago of the East End Clinical Connection, retired banker Tom McAlbee  presented “Operation Medicine Cabinet,” an initiative of the Lloyd Magothy Water Trust (LMWT).  Together with Pharmacist Bob Grisnik of Southrifty Drug of Southampton, Tom is advocating for: 1) Safe storage of prescription meds to reduce and eliminate misuse, accidents, and theft that supports addiction; and 2) Safe disposal of unused meds to protect our drinking water. LMWT is seeking to put medicine disposal boxes — like the one pictured — in every commercial pharmacy. Joining a campaign begun by the Suffolk County Police Department, Tom says, “do not flush meds down toilet . . . and don’t store unused meds.” He shows dramatic information about how chemicals from improperly disposed prescription meds are increasingly showing up in our drinking water in Suffolk County, the leading culrpits being compounds from psychotropic drugs! Tom and Bob are currently working on a campaign to raise $100,000 for setting up disposal boxes at 350 pharmacies.  For more info about the work of the trust, go to www.southriftydrug.com.

Michael Stoltz has been at the agency’s leadership helm since 1990, first as Executive Director of the predecessor organization, Clubhouse of Suffolk, and since July 2014, the CEO of the Association for Mental Health and Wellness (MHAW). MHAW is the result of the merger of Clubhouse with Suffolk County United Veterans and the Mental Health Association in Suffolk County.                                                                                                                                             Under Michael’s stewardship, the agency has grown to one with an $10 million annual operating budget, 150 employees, servicing more than 3,000 people each year through its Ronkonkoma, Riverhead, and Yaphank facilities. A social worker by training, Michael received his MSW in 1982 from Adelphi University, where he has served as an Adjunct Professor teaching Social Welfare Policy and Human Service Management. He served as a Program Supervisor, developing and implementing the Suffolk County Intensive Case Management Program, as well as positions in management and direct service at several Long Island outpatient clinics.

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